I am a Texas based photographer. While I shoot many subjects, my love is playing with fire and light. From bodyscapes to fire spinning, I try to create beautiful, striking images incorporating these elements. My name, Cinnamon, was a gift from good friends while we participated in a regional burn on the East Coast.

- Cinnamon

What are


Bodyscapes was an idea from a conversation about a projector given to me as a gift. We talked about people dancing in front of projectors at shows and I thought it might be interesting to try a still version of that idea. A good friend and I played with the projector in the studio. While the first images did not come out quite the way I wanted, I continued to experiment until I got it right. I have heard many descriptions of what I do but I decided to call it bodyscapes.

What are

fire portraits?

I have many friends that are flow performance artists as a hobby or a vocation. Aerials, lyra, fans, ribbons, poi, and fire are all part of their performances. I did some pictures of a few of them fire spinning at an event. I was fascinated by the fire as a light sources and by the movement within the fire. I started shooting more friends spinning and them moved more into portraits. Portraits can be challenging because the fire needs to be moving slower than during a performance. Things can get really hot if not careful.


Some of the people that

Make this possible


Bodyscapes and Fire

Whimsy is a favorite model and a good friend. We often shoot spontaneously and often play with all kinds of photography. We have done multiple bodyscape and fire shoots and she is great at helping me experiment with new ideas, new equipment, and new settings.



Chelsea has become one of my favorite models. We did three shoots in 2018 and I hope to do more in the near future. Every shoot we do gets more and more creative and we end up having an amazing time. I look forward to see what we come up with next. 



I met Amy at a regional burn in Texas. While we did not get to know each other then, we did connect and set up a photo shoot out on the greenbelt. We kept in touch and a couple of years later set up a bodyscape shoot with her and two of her friends. Since then  



Lillith reached out after I posted in a photography focused Facebook group we both belong to. We shot a second time several months later. We ended up becoming close friends and have created great images. Lillith has also inspired many ideas I have used in other shoots.